Welcome to Herts Meals 2022 CIC

Herts Meals 2022 CIC is located in Harlow and supply traditional ‘Home Cooked’ meals, freshly prepared in our local kitchens by highly trained chefs.

Our mission is to provide wholesome, high quality hot meals freshly prepared daily with only the finest ingredients at highly competitive prices and to ensure the safety and well being of our customers, whilst minimising our impact on the environment. 

Call our friendly team on 01279 417087 to discuss your needs. 

Quality Ingredients

All ingredients are fresh and never frozen (excluding vegetables) so are safe for same day reheating or freezing. Only Highly nutritious ingredients are used, all our meals supply at least two of the government recommended Five-A-Day for fruit and vegetables..

Locally Sourced

All our food is locally sourced and cooked within two days of purchase.

Daily Choice

We have a three week set menu with 21 different meals, with an alternate menu of 10 different meals. We also offer Diabetic and Vegetarian specific meals on request.

Reliable, Friendly Drivers

Delivered by our reliable, courteous drivers piping hot to your door, with salads and desserts kept in a separate cooler so they are delivered as fresh as when they were prepared. All staff are DBS checked (previously CRB) and checked by our screening team to the highest standard, all staff that have contact with the public wear unique, highly distinctive uniforms and ID badges.

Safety & Well Being

The safety and well being of our customers is of paramount importance, our delivery team makes time to ensure the welfare of all our customers. We always alert next of kin or career should we have any concerns about a customer; if they are acting out of character, not answering the door.

Greener Thinking

We also offer a Return & Recycle service for our containers if you are unable to recycle them yourself using council roadside collection, all returned containers are sent for recycling and never reused. We endeavour to only use food items that are in season, use ‘green’ cleaning products and recycle all paper, foil, plastic etc. with recycling containers in our office and kitchens.

Meals on Wheels

Our home delivery service provide wholesome, high quality hot meals freshly prepared daily with only the finest ingredients.