Meals & Delivery

We take pride in offering a high quality, varied menu. Our continually evolving menu offers a healthy, balanced diet which can be tailored for Diabetic or Vegetarian needs and includes ten alternative meals.

All meals are freshly prepared in our local kitchens by highly trained chefs, each generously portioned meal includes a dessert. Extra Sandwiches and a variety of Cakes are available on request.

We have a three week set menu with 21 different meals, with an alternate menu of 10 different meals. We also offer Diabetic and Vegetarian specific meals on request.All food is locally sourced and cooked within two days of purchase, all our food is fresh and never frozen so is safe for same day reheating or freezing. A guide to safely freezing and re-heating meals is available on request. Meal containers are not suitable for microwave reheating.

Delivered by our reliable, courteous drivers piping hot to your door, with salads and desserts kept in a separate cooler so they are delivered as fresh as when they were prepared.

New dishes are being developed and tested on a regular basis, we welcome feedback and suggestions from our customers. Is there an old favourite you would like to see on the menu? Let us know.

Set Menu

Week One
Day Meal
Monday Beef Stew & Dumplings with 2 Veg
Tuesday Shepherd’s Pie with 2 Veg
Wednesday Home Baked Meat Pie with 2 Veg
Thursday Chicken Dinner
Friday Fishcake with crispy pots & Peas
Saturday Minced Meat, Mash & 2 Veg
Sunday Roast Dinner with 2 Veg
Week Two
Day Meal
Monday Chicken Casserole with 2 Veg
Tuesday Lamb Hot Pot with 2 Veg
Wednesday Sausage & Mash with 2 Veg
Thursday Pork Chop with 2 Veg
Friday Breaded Fish with crispy pots & Peas
Saturday Homemade Chicken Pie 2 Veg
Sunday Roast Dinner with 2 Veg
Week three
Day Meal
Monday chicken dinner with 2 Veg
Tuesday Cottage Pie with 2 Veg
Wednesday Toad in the hole with 2 Veg
Thursday Boiled Bacon with 2 veg
Friday Breaded Fish with Mash & Peas
Saturday Quiche, Mash & Beans
Sunday Roast Dinner with 2 Veg

Alternative Menu

(available every day)
Type of Meal Meal
Alternative All Day Breakfast
Corned Beef Hash
Spaghetti Bolognase
Fish in Sauce
Macaroni Cheese
Salad With Cheese
With Ham
With Corned Beef
Jacket Potato With Cheese
With Beans
With Coleslaw

Sandwich & Cake available with each meal (at an additional cost)

Sweet is served with all meals

Meals are delivered between 11:30am - 2:00pm

Information & Pricing

Thank you for enquiring about our service. Please feel free to ring us on 01279 417087 if you have any further queries. Office hours are between 9 am and 3pm Monday - Friday.

All of our meals are served with a sweet, which include suet puddings, sponges, rice pudding or a cold pudding. We also provide diabetic puddings for anyone with diabetes, which is diet or tablet controlled.

Alternative meals on the menu are available every day and can be requested via your driver or the office at least 24 hours before. Any changes for the weekend must be rung through before 2pm Fridays. A vegetarian menu is available on request from the office. If you have any other dietary requirements please ring the office to discuss these. We will do our best to accommodate you at all times.

Monday to Sunday inclusive £7.50 per day
Bank Holiday £1.00 additional cost

Alternative Meals have a 30p additional charge, sandwich and cake are also available on request at £3.00 per day

Payment can be made by cash or cheque each week and will be collected by your driver at the start of each week. Alternatively invoices can be raised on a monthly basis.

Meals are delivered between 11:30am - 2:00pm